Time for contemplation! Appreciate yourself & your individual mind!

A new Full HD, Full motion Music Video for a recent Piano composition of mine.
This one has a strong message, including words of advice in end video-text!

Been a while since last post. Hopefully this one will keep your interest.
This one is not only about Wishing you Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

[edit: updated link. removed some video editing glitches in my re-upload]

The new Music video that I just uploaded on my Youtube channel is a way to suggest attempting to see things from different Xmas perspectives than just the traditional rush for the perfect Xmas celebration or the perfect gift.

More specifically, it is aimed at the ones of you hurting, to start change perspectives of how you relate to yourself and your emotions!
I noticed several friends over at Facebook pour their heart out in grief and sorrow, specifically during the Holiday season.

This all inspired me to make a visual concept and also put words of advice for those of you who are devastated with grief, sad memories,
and/or feel like you are worth nothing and that your future will always feel the same.

(I also wrote Facebook posts about the subject, but I elaborate a bit further in this blog text.)

One point I’d like to make is that you don’t know everything about yourself conclusively.
You don’t fully know everything worth knowing about the future of others, let alone your own future, you hear!?

If you have lost all your hope in any stage of your life, I’d say it could be an indication that you have been stuck with tunnel-vision.
At least for certain aspects of your view of yourself, others or your current & future situation.

I have touched upon this way of self-reflecting in earlier posts, and I believe it does indeed connect to both creating art and rational problem solving.

Reason I say this as bluntly as I am here, is NOT for the sake of gloating, or putting salt in your wounds, even though it might feel like it.

More like a suggestion for getting a different perspective than your current one, for your own benefits.

There are consequences to all your actions, and what you choose to focus on.
Good and bad consequences, even if you don’t see it right away. I am not talking about Karma per se.

Yourself and others are always affected by actions, interactions, and that it stems from mindsets in individuals, and individual thoughts as well as collectivism kinds of mindsets.

So perhaps you don’t think you can change things?

Well I’d say there are overarching things that are close to impossible for an individual to change in the modern society, at least in the short term sense, that many depressed people seem to be stuck in.

There are however significant things that you CAN change or at least influence for the better. Both short term and long term.
Your mind is still your own, if you allow it!

(Hmm, that also reminds me of a phrase in a certain contemporary Xmas related song, come to think of it.)

But it can take time with personal contemplations to hone individual and skeptic skill set, in case you feel you are too easily influenced,
or perhaps too easily pushed around by other people or powers that be.

A thing about contemplations: I noticed it’s easier to make that when everything is silent, or at least when there aren’t an ever changing flow of distractions.

I also believe it can be important to work hard with contemplation and an alert mindset to avoid being too easily influenced, or manipulated etc.

And in case you compare your seemingly miserable situation with the picture-perfect families around you, and in media, do give this a thought:

Many parents, successful people etc. probably also try their best to keep up a nice window dressing, which would be additional work, with fear and worries still as a co-motivator.

I am not a parent, but like many other, I have heard this directly from the horse’s mouth in multiple cases.
So next time you perceive that ultimate happiness of others, know that they are human too, just like you. Not super-human.
See, different life styles also fit different people.

Perhaps you don’t know what you’re missing, but equally important, Perhaps you don’t know what you current have? AND Perhaps you don’t know what the things you feel you’re missing would do for you, if you had it.

So realistically, how would you want to change your life, or yourself, and WHY, and into what ?

Wouldn’t you at least wanna keep certain aspects of your current self, realistically speaking?
I recently watched a documentary about methods for removing alcoholic addictions, and it seemed extremely brutal.
(not only because I don’t drink myself)

I wouldn’t want anyone having to go so far that they’d willingly(?) choose to break down their personality completely, to at all being able to build it up from scratch.
I assume there are still similar methods for depression treatments.

I want to believe that there are other preemptive measures that anybody can take to avoid that, especially if being able to identify the original reasons for the emotional struggles etc.

Whether you struggle with any of these things in particular or not, I use to say this:

Depending on your mindset and level of Resolve, things in your life situation, and your personal struggles can always get worse, but it can also always get better!

I think it is depending on your actions, and if you choose to try changing your mindset or not.

I personally don’t do New Year’s Resolutions by the way.
The aim can be the same as I talk about here, but the method is probably very different.

I don’t believe in making hasty or impulsive hard promises based on the calendar.

I personally think it takes more resolve than that, and in a way, we need to earn our Resolve…
…By Contemplation(!)

So there you have it. 🙂
(Wow, who said that Music licensing must necessarily always be the death of personal contemplation and moral values… I still wish to maintain my moral and musical values as much as I can .)

Hope I won’t disappoint with my Video production or the music itself.
The composition is not as complex as some of my other solo instrument works, see.

But in this context, I am beginning to be way more happy with it than I initially was.
And Wait for it… I deliberately made changes in emotions and also put Easter eggs in the Music video, playing on your presumed assumptions, in multiple ways.

Here’s the Video link again:
Resolve By Contemplation – Meditative Piano Composition with a strong message

It is probably important to connect emotionally with you to get my point across better.
And it was important to picture adversity in this case.

But as usual, things are not 100% black or white, or what it initially seems to be here.
Connecting emotionally with audiences (and customers and voters etc. etc.) have been done successfully countless times through media and more, but I always wish to ask myself:
What is the motive and the promoted message for the occasion?

Life as a human is a weird but curious thing, whether your are religious, atheist, politically involved or couldn’t care less about such.
No matter which gender, race, sex-orientation, class, personal flavor, I made the conclusion that we share the similar worries, appreciations and sources for happiness more often than not.

You should of course make your own conscious conclusion about everything.
But did you notice I tried to encourage becoming curious about more thing than the personal situation alone through all this?

Either way, I strongly wish for the well being of all of you reading this.
Thank you so much for your time and interest in my contemplations and my music.

Let’s see what 2017 will bring us, AND what WE will bring for 2017! ^^
More update posts to come sooner this time!
big hugs / Fredrik