So now I am an “Award winning Composer!”.

Yay, I won a Short-film scoring competition recently!

It was for Versilian Studios VSCO2, so only that sample library could be used.
I also mastered it in a very dynamic way, not boosting the volumes for this one. It’s supposed to be very soft & mysterious, and not like modern mastering volume levels.

Other submissions were mastered way louder than mine, and I offered to master mine louder too.

However we agreed that the soft characteristic in my submission not only fitted my composition & concept, but also shows the diversity of the product.

The composition itself is a modified and updated version of an old composition of mine, which already was partly based on the seasons, although I think I never revealed it before.

The original version also had additional subtle references, and I kept the ones that fitted the short film, and added new ones.
I like the samples in VSCO2 better btw.

Thanks for a very fun initiative, Sam and everyone at Versilian Studios. (I was a beta tester for VSCO2 too btw.)

I will update this post when the music video is uploaded, either on their site/Youtube channel or my own.
For now, check these links for more info:

You can listen to the other winners here:

Also check my Soundcloud page for more recent music of mine!

I plan to make more music videos or at least to upload more music on my Youtube channel as well. So far I only have a few ones.

Thank you for your interest in my Music art!
Have a great Week / Fredrik