Update on my current professional focus for Licensing my music, and related thoughts on moral values & personal integrity.

For a while, I had plans to start focusing my blog on technical advice and music theory for songwriters and musicians. (as you might have guessed from old blog posts)
But since that would take so much time, I will put those thoughts on hold for now, and save it for private convos with my co-writers mainly.
If I’d pick it up later or even create some online course about it, I’d def give a heads-up here and elsewhere.

Instead, lately I have focused as much I can primarily on Music for Synch / Music Licensing, and will keep doing so for a longer while probably.

This might sound like selling out to some, and I do think it could be a valid point to a degree, especially if not considering at all what one’s music is used for, and what qualities it still might include.
More about that at the end of this post.

I also wish to release a full solo-piano album, along with a concept album for Licensing for Media. I claim that my personal compositions offer a lot of reflections and attention to details, not very commonly achieved today.
But to make a living out of composing it has to fit a fixed context created by others, those like me have to make it more accessible and within the expected formats and cohesiveness, etc. And with  competitive production value.

But as a composer, co-writer and producer, I noticed there are also lots of different kinds of diversity, awesome talents and great people to enjoy working with!
I will also continue to do commissioned work, producing other artists.
Again, at least for a longer period to come, I believe.

Really looking forward to keep working with more songwriters, singers and musicians. And I still need to finish some old collabs with great potential too.

I still don’t rule out doing commissioned film scoring or game music in the future either though.

On a slightly more personal level, I really feel the much needed inspiration of working with music as a job, with the ever improving production quality I gained all will continue to improve.

And although tools certainly are not everything, especially in musical qualities, it’s still way faster to achieve superior production results with better tools.
I use to say you don’t go to a construction company with a shovel and expect to be commissioned for jobs that requires a caterpillar, not even with an obsolete model, no matter how skilled and experienced you are.
Same thing with concerto pianists recording themselves with the cheapest computer mics distorting the audio signal.
I’m quite certain that nobody would license that, even if the performance itself would be superior. Nobody would.

This can also be regarded as advice for those in similar positions as me.

So I feel very positive about all this!

“…And in that silence… MUSIC! A DIVINE music Burst over them all” (F. Murray Abraham as the envious Salieri. From the movie “Amadeus”, 1984)

On a more thoughtful and serious note:

The future, (including my plans for my own music business) feels exciting on that personal level, even though there always seem to be lots of sadness, grief and corruption in the World, including the Media.

Of course these things can also affect us on personal levels too… It’s harder to stay sensible to all of that if being within a state of narrow-mindedness, perhaps being stuck in a sense of envy or fear, or trying to remove natural human instincts of belonging etc. to achieve goals?

I always wish to consider multiple possibilities and perspectives, like I’ve mentioned before in my blog.

So will I ever risk losing myself or my sense of personal integrity, claimed open-mindedness or compassion for others, while turning my music and my art into a business & work for hires?

I believe that risk is less because of being aware of not only the most obvious atrocities out there, but also having researched and contemplated on different possible motives for influencing public opinions and starting commercial trends etc. etc. These things are related to discussing any products or media, and how it can affect us, being the consumers.

Although I think the World and people in it are wonderful, and offering so much diversity if looking or bothering,
I don’t like certain ways the World seem to work, or certain ways it seems to being run.

On a similar note, I’ve been noticing how easy it seems to influence the opinions and emotions of individuals, both for good and bad intentions I believe, but in my limited slack time, I still don’t shy away from looking at those aspects either, at least not so far.

Being overly busy though can diminish that awareness or sense of individuality or personal moral values if not allowing oneself to take a step back from the canvas and take a moment of contemplation, so to speak.

Otherwise one will not be able to see the forest because of the trees, like we say here in Sweden,
or focusing on details, perhaps compartmentalized details and not seeing a wider perspective, and how different things affect each other in this World and the people living in it.

I feel I must always keep maintaining my personal identity and moral values, no matter if I get more business-focused and/or accomplished and staying overly busy with projects.

It seems it could become a challenge at times, especially if working with media or products who wouldn’t necessarily resonate with one’s own beliefs of what’s beneficial or healthy to use, or an overly narrow-minded way to view things.

We will see. Wish me… not luck, because I believe luck has nothing to do with what each and everyone can at least strive to improve or achieve.
Wish me whatever YOU wish to wish me, lol.

I wish that YOU all stay mentally strong, no matter what color, orientation, nationality, or political or religious belief system you chose to belong to or not.

As long as you can see value in others and not only being “takers” but at least also consider being “givers” for others to benefit from.

It can start with the inner dialogue and contemplation, and then… silence… aaaaaand ACTION!

(Not the most intuitive traditional choice of word by film directors, I feel… How about aaaaaand MUSIC!)

Wishing you all the best in your personal strives, struggles and dreams to achieve!
hugs / Fredrik


(Note: movie screenshot used under the Fair use copyright doctrine.)

2 thoughts on “Update on my current professional focus for Licensing my music, and related thoughts on moral values & personal integrity.

    • Hi, Ben!
      Thank you for the interest in this subject! Hope your sync aims are going well too!
      I took a listen to a song of yours, and it was really nice.
      Cheers / Fredrik

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