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Warm greetings!
I’m a highly perceptive Awards-winning Freelance Composer & pro Producer from Sweden, Europe.
I generally compose and think with a lot of depth and experience in several musical genres, but also for visual & musical symbolism.

My deep knowledge comes from extensive post-college music education*, as well as a life-long passion for music that moves both me and audiences.
The understanding that music & audio can be designed to trigger emotions & associations is also emphasized heavily in my works, and how closely correlating it can be for storytelling on higher levels.

Here are some of the music genres that I have educated knowledge, honed skills and a genuine interest in:

  • Traditional Film scoring with in-depth music symbolism
  • Modern Film scoring with Cinematic styles or Trailer elements
  • All Classical music eras, (Romanticism & Impressionism being two that deeply has influenced Film scoring traditions, and that holds special places in my heart)
  • World Music“, e.g. “Celtic“, Middle-East, India, Far-East and more.
  • Rock & Metal, especially melodic & progressive.
  • Jazz & improvisation based music
  • Meditative Music for relaxation. (Some call it “New age music“, although I’m not personally into all those ideas. But even an individual mind like me can appreciate relaxing sounds, especially if it’s of very high quality & musically appealing as well.)
  • Soundscapes & Ambient drones
  • Electronic music
  • Earlier Historical eras like Medieval music
  • Contemporary Ballads, Musicals, mainstream modern Pop productions, some Sing & Songwriting and more
    Always enjoying really skilled singers with emotional voices. I’ve started to produce songs by others and singers more lately too
    In short: Anything emotional, or with musical depth & musically/metaphorically interesting.
    Blending styles and genres always interests me.

(I’m aware that even the above genres & eras aren’t isolated from each other either.)

Some of my highlight skills are composing for Piano, Rhythmical & Orchestral elements, finding Balance in Arrangements and Mixes, and ever improving skills for Mixing and Mastering.

I believe I am capable of achieving broadcast quality by now,  to provide truly enhanced media experiences.
I think the attention to details is highly important, such as details in phrasing, melodies, chord changes, sound and mixing etc.
Sometimes I make complex and advanced pieces, even virtuoso elements, but that’s not always necessary.
It’s much more important to me to make the music versatile and natural flowing while making it correlate with the emotions of visual or storytelling concepts.

For many years, I also have done plenty of research of numerous non-musical fields as well, but I feel it benefits my composing creativity greatly.
I could mention personal studies in history, cultures, nature, psychology, health & brain studies, science and education and much much more.
Everything with attempts of using multiple perspectives, traditions and kinds of sources.

Another aspect of my composing style is that I sometimes design my most personal music for deeper analyze challenges.
Therefore, there is subtle symbolism encoded in some of my tracks as well.
Anybody who gives it a try can make their own personal conclusions, and noticing more details and concepts could bring more value to the listening experience.
Highest amount so far in: “Broken Reality” & “The Faires That Stopped Beating Around The Bush”.

Many full tracks of different composing styles & genres are avaible from the “LISTEN” menu, and more to come soon.
So I hope you wish to join me on the journeys I offer through my music!

If you have any questions, enquieries or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Happy listening and analyzing!
Sincere regards / Fredrik



* Including 4 years at the Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg, Sweden

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