Multi-facetted perspectives as a personal philosophy and as a composer

Oh, here’s a new blog post, on the philosophical side, also with revealing an aspect of some of my most personal music concepts.

I intend to share some contemplating thoughts on various subjects with you too.
Perhaps there will be something to learn or spend a thought on from it. Things you might or might not have considered in depth.

It also depends on you, if you have the motivation to try seeing things from more than one perspective.
Personally, I think it often can be a good thing…

Ok, here are a few conclusions from some personal contemplating:

About multi-facetted perspectives

Considering different perspectives can lead to not only a fuller picture for what you’d regard as reliable or not, but also a more genuine understanding & compassion for others and their different situations and mindsets. At least the way I see it.
To consider all these things can benefit us as human beings, I feel. Trying to understand each other, as opposed to totally alienating ourselves from each other cultures, traditions or said mindsets.

As a composer, it’s also important for my artistic intentions to create music that correlates deeply with emotions, story telling and subtle concepts.
It benefits my aims to further improve my composer skills and creative insight.

Trying to put myself in someone else’s situation and such, trying to see things from different angles and any dualistic messages that might be intended in music, scripts, or any media productions, etc.
I believe these are vital aspects of lots of highly regarded art and media productions in general…

Big words, and from a different angle, I could still be wrong.
I could read too much into things (or overlooking things), but so could we all, I think…

I think we all make assumptions, often based on limited amount of time spent on a subject, or based on previous experiences alone.

To me, the above is profound even for my personal music, and if you’re interested, I can tell you this:

Some of those compositions of mine are created partly around the idea of deliberately creating suggestions for early assumptions,
but with the concept that not everything is what it seems. Not even from the beginning.
(“And that’s just one soydd of meh!”, like Susan Boyle once said, as people in the audience were rolling their eyes.)

I could choose to reveal lots of such specific details, but I’d prefer if you make your own interpretations and conclusions from them. I love whenever I discover similar things in works by others too…

But if you read this, then now at least you know that I claim there’s something deeper to these compositions.

note: Lately, I’ve been focusing on improving mixing/mastering skills more…
Not all of these tracks reflect my current and upcoming music production mixing/mastering abilities and currently available instrumental sample libraries (instrument software plugins),
but they do indeed reflect the above aspects of composing and concepts.
Most of those tracks are very personal and I’m aware that these are not very suitable for music licensing, due to their complex and diverse nature.
At least not for full length versions.

I’ll start focusing more on music for licensing and also look for more commissioned composing too.

For some upcoming blog posts though, I think I’ll write a bit more specific, and not always mentioning my own music.
Have a sane Holiday and a relaxing time everyone!
best wishes / Fredrik