Friends and Affiliates

note: The persons I include here all have at least two things in common:

* I’ve had the pleasure and honor to know them personally, through extensive one-on-one communication online. This is why I want to write a personal text for each one of them.
* They have pro skills in a certain field, or often in several fields.

This means they are all worth checking out, if you’re interested in their fields of expertise.
That, plus they are all cool & friendly people that I’m happy to associate myself with!
Perhaps very busy at times but you won’t know if you don’t try…?

In the future, I’ll update the mentions and add more names here too!
(I have been granted permission to mention the personal info, and to post the personal links and photos.)

There are now two names on this list.

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Steve Brookfield
Steve Brookfield - sc fb - kopia

Steve Brookfield – Full time professional studio owner, composer, arranger and musician. (UK)


Gaby Koss
Gaby Koss 7

Gaby Koss – World class highly versatile singer with the most beautiful voice you could ever imagine. Full time professional Musician, also being a seasoned live event organizer (Germany)