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Steve Brookfield

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Full time professional studio owner, composer, arranger and musician. UK based.

Steve was one of the very first truly professional music friends that I started to have extensive discussions with online, about lots of music topics and soon became a closer friend as well. I’ve learned a lot from his vast knowledge in music and music production.

It would be humbling enough to know about how he makes recordings & mixing considerations of the highest level.
It’s like second nature to him.

But I also discovered his masterful instrumental composing and arranging talent, which keeps blowing me away. And I’m a perfectionist in my own right, having “seen & heard it all”.
So I’m not easily impressed, mind you.

I personally think he deserves a Grammy nomination for best instrumental original album, whenever he releases a new one. His recent work is that good, I yap.

Check his work, and reach him at:

(the Facebook link is his artist/business page)

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