Work for hires & Services

Note: I will publish these business services on a new website later in 2018.

, all kinds of media:

  • Films
  • games
  • promos, commercials
  • presentations
  • public events & filmed private events
    and moreContact me for offers, questions, rates etc.
    I’m an awards winning Composer & Producer
    (both International contest awards in 2017)


  • Professional Scoring, Arranging and Re-scoring
  • High-end Audio & MIDI editing, Sample replacements, premium sample libraries. (all legal)
  • Mixing full songs & instrumental tracks
  • MIDI converting of your audio tracks
  • Mastering
  • Package deals for full production including all or some of all the above.
  • Planning to offer 1-1 skill training in composing, scoring, production, music theory, ear training, conceptual & metaphorical works etc.
    (I have a Masters degree in Music Education)


BASIC FULL RATES FOR MUSIC PRODUCTION    current 2018 rates, published here in January 21, 2018

[note: these rates are not to be copied or used without personal alterations by other producers!
They are partly based on a retail mixing business course that I paid for. It would diminish the value of his course if you did,
and he’s one of the good guys!]

Below rates based on up to 3:30 minutes song length.

ONLINE MIXING OF STEMS    (provided tracks for the composition/song)

$ 200/song:
no detailed performance-based editing for MIDI or AUDIO
Recorded performances will be perceived as intact.

[note: final mastering not included]

$ 350/song: 
including world class pro editing of MIDI and/or AUDIO with highest attention to details and musicality.
Recorded performances would likely be perceived as notable polishing, and even improvement of musical/live performance skills
(unless stems already provided at upper World class flawless in those areas.)

The Production value increase would be undeniable.
(takes longer to deliver)
[note: final mastering not included]

$ 80/song

(20% discount for projects with 5 or more songs. Additional fee for mixing, see above)

$ 50/song

(stem mastering highly recommended for superior result, see above)

depending on complexity;
or a certain share in licensing (writer’s fee & sync fee whenever applicable.)

(Mastering and stem mixing not included in this fee!)

For all my services: Maximum 3 major revisions included.
(Delivery time will vary from time to time. Contact me for assessment.)

Additional charges:

For songs/tracks longer than 3:30 minutes, I charge around 20% extra for each additional “started” minute, but additional fee depends on complexity too.

For songs/tracks with really harsh deadlines, I charge around 40% extra IF I have to work night shifts to make it.
Having to e.g. cancel Weekend plans or my own planned work schedule also may generate a 20% extra charge. Degree of extra charges are a bit case-by-case, and would be communicated before making payment agreements.


All rates with 20% discount for projects with 5 or more songs!

Certain mutually beneficial marketing/promotional projects might also generate additional discounts

Other discounts may be offered for certain targeted members/groups of my choice.

I may also consider co-writing on a project that I produce, for an agreed share.
That would generate in reduced or cancelled fee.
Case-by-case scenario.


To ALL clients:
I always aim to please clients, so you’d come back for more and spreading the word of my services.
Satisfied customers is the best advertisement.

More about my qualities, skills & knowledge:
For any projects, my own music can be focused on single emotions & effective cues, to greatly enhance the mood, as well as complex metaphorical representations to bring extra plot dimensions & hints to the script & screenplay.

My knowledge & abilities even in this, is on a highly professional level of interpretation, correlation & execution.

Some of my personal tracks can be very complex, showcasing my highly versatile composing awareness and attention for details and storytelling. These full-length tracks are not suitable as cues. I’ll continue to add cues and more variation in other specific styles to my showcase.

Customized cues already aren’t any problem to create though.
I recently signed a Film Trailer track of mine (my 1st attempt for it even), with a renowned Music Agency for instance.

Contact me with any questions, inquiries or suggestions! For now, my email is:
contact[at]fredrikpark[dot]com and fredrik.park_composer[at]telia[dot]com
(More contact options in the Contact-section )    (again, I’ll make a new and better website later in 2018)

All my music retail software & instrument sample libraries are frequently used in professional media productions today. Some are frequent in high-profile productions, and almost all of it is from recent few years.

Every product I use is purchased and 100% legal!
My understanding for this guarantees that your projects will not be flagged or blacklisted by those producers who don’t pay for their own tools! Automatic triggering of recognizing watermarked samples and solo loops is real.

So support those who in turn support the creators of world class Music production products, and for your own safety, see…
More products & tools are frequently added to my palette.

Thank you for your interest in my skills, talent & knowledge, and I salute you for taking your own product/music seriously!

sincerely / Fredrik