Composing for exclusive & non-exclusive usage, all kinds of media:

  • Films
  • games
  • promos, commercials
  • presentations
  • public events & filmed private events
    and more

For other composers & artists, I offer:

  • Scoring, Arranging and Re-scoring
  • High-precision Audio & MIDI editing, Sample replacements from professional sample libraries.
  • Mixing of vocals & instruments
  • MIDI converting of your audio tracks
  • Mastering
    (Mastering service is on Entry/Mid quality level for now. Do consider my higher skill levels in the other areas listed.)
  • 1-1 skill training in composing, scoring, music theory, ear training, conceptual works etc.

I’m offering my composing & services at attractive rates at this point, also aiming to further build up my reputation in Media, Game production fields & additional production for music labels.

For any projects, my own music can be focused on single emotions & effective cues, to greatly enhance the mood, as well as complex metaphorical representations to bring extra plot dimensions & hints to the script & screenplay.
My knowledge & abilities even in this, is on a highly professional level of interpretation, correlation & execution.

Some of my personal tracks here are very complex, showcasing my highly versatile composing awareness and attention for details and storytelling. These full-length tracks are not suitable as cues. I’ll continue to add cues and more variation in other specific styles to my showcase.

Customized cues already aren’t any problem to create though.

Contact me with any questions, inquiries or suggestions! For now, my email is:
(More contact options in the Contact-section)
All my music retail software & instrument sample libraries are frequently used in professional media productions today. Some are frequent in high-profile productions, and almost all of it is from recent few years. I’m just getting started with some of them.

Every product I use is purchased and 100% legal!
More products & tools are frequently added.