My personal Music Charity project for the Philippines; thoughts on charity organizations and sources for information

I personally do not trust most of the established International charity organizations much at all lately.
The reason is mainly the reports on systematic corruption both within Charity organizations, as well as local corruption.
This has been a commonly reported issue, with evidence published in both established mainstream media, independent media and local media alike.

Then there’s the economical, political & religious independence for the targeted suffering areas, that still can be of strong concern even from receiving help.
Both local and International Help organizations can influence these native aspects, whether it’s a planned thing or unintentional. I know this has been mentioned by local politicians and spokespersons for local organizations  in some targeted areas.

Sticking to Medical aid & rebuilding infrastructure have been more certain ways of help getting through, but of course they need resources and funding to maintain being effective.

Please consider actively researching areas of less fortunate people, as well as which organizations and sources of information you actively might choose to trust. Organization statuses and policies also might change over time.

What used to be true & trustworthy might not be so in the future, and vice versa, depending on many things, and from case to case.
You still have a conscious individual mind, and hopefully the motivation & ability to come to your own well-founded conclusions, especially if you do the personal research that opens up for more sources and perspectives. If you didn’t give these things much thought, I think it’s time to improve it.

We all can improve on that, I feel, and it’s never too late to start…
Different and opposed opinions is not necessarily evil. I think suppression of opinions often might be more dangerous than diversity of opinions.

Whether you agree or not with foreign or local religions, political systems, information obtained from news media, family members, other social groups, or what you learned in school,
– also consider that information from single sources (or even single kinds of sources) aren’t necessarily offering anywhere near the full picture, even on the very subject. (let alone on other subjects)
But opposing sources still might offer different kinds of valuable information and knowledge, even if you don’t agree with any conclusion promoted while at it.

I offer no sources of information in this post, other than the links below. These links certainly do NOT cover all aspects worth learning about, even for the Typhoon disaster.
Because of the other subjects in this post, I strongly encourage you to give the sources of information a serious thought, not just following me, or any leader or doing whatever Simon says.

If you consider all perspective and aspects you can, you are much more likely avoid trusting anything blindly.
At least that’s the way I usually see it in recent years.
If you haven’t considered this, chances are you already trust something or someones blindly, without being aware of it.

That sums up the sense morale of this blog post. I make my own words of wisdom(?), rather than quoting famous speeches alone.
So thank you for your time and interest!
More blog posts to come, covering music related topics more.
hugs / Fredrik

PS. Here are the related links for this post. (opens in new windows)

my personal Charity for the Philippines Project Bandcamp link

MSF’s Website Page for the Philippines (Doctors Without Borders / Medecins Sans Frontieres)

MSF’s official Blog for the Philippines

A Norwegian Help organization, doing local work in Tacloban. One of the few that seem trustworthy to me. Streetlight shelters for orphans in Tacloban, and has been highly acknowledged by local population, also outside the mainstream media. (I learned about the latter, since my wife is from the Philippines and has strong insight in local word of mouth.)

MSF (the Swedish branch, “Läkare utan gränser”) is the Help organization of my choice for my personal Charity for the Philippines Project.

(Notice the lack of mentions for any other well-known Charity organizations in this list.)