Welcome to my official homepage!

In the About-section, you’ll find more info about myself, my composing styles and my pursuit of moving my composing & music production career further.

In my blog posts, I’ll share news and personal insight on music topics, and other related topics.

And feel free to Listen to my music!

This  website will continue to be tweaked and updated, and I plan to use a new music business related website in 2018.


hugs / Fredrik

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my official homepage!

  1. Hello Fredrik, found you via taxi forum, had a listen to some of your music on taxi and really liked it.

    I am A taxi member myself http://www.taxi.com/alasdairdodds

    Iam very new to the whole music thing but saw your collaboration posts and thought if you liked some of my music you might be open to some collaboration or at leaste maybe a bit of guidance if your willing.

    I am a self taught pianist as cant read music but enjoy it and have recieved great feedback from taxi screeners and often get 9’s on my breakdowns. one of my favourite pieces is “Broken” have a listen if you have time and share your thoughts

    • Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting, Alasdair!

      I can tell you have good ears for genres, both for specific details, but also for emotional original content.
      An upcoming talent for music for visual media, I’d say.

      PM sent, so looking forward to hear more from- and by you!

      For creating music by oneself, I’d sight reading is not the most important skill to have, unless going really deep and studying orchestral sheet music etc.

      I hear that Hans Zimmer can’t read sheet music, but is a master at reading MIDI piano rolls in DAWs.

      • Thanks Fredrick got your pm too and will try and answered your questions in due course.. ironically you should mention ha swimmer as one of my pieces (crossing the galaxy) was inspired by his work on the film interstellar. Look forward to learning and working with. Oh and thankyou for your kind words on my music

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