My feature interview at The Audio Spotlight!
Thank you, Zdravko Djordjevic at the Audio Spotlight for the early acknowledgement, it really meant a lot to me!

Soundclouder of the Day! (August 1, 2012)
Thank you, Oliver Sadie, for the acknowledgement! Best wishes for your upcoming adventures too!

In 2013, I released my first official tracks, which both was piano tracks.
My solo piano composition “Nocturne #1 – The Longing and the wonders” became an official demo track for SoundIron’s piano software “Emotional Piano” !
Then it was picked as one of only three remaining Piano demo tracks for their Kontakt player bundle.

It was also voted as one of the top tracks of 2013 made by “the Piano Cloud”! This is one of the main piano groups on Soundcloud, and beyond, founded by Andrew Eales.
So thanks a lot, SoundIron, and the community of The Piano Cloud for the acknowledgements and appreciation for my composing!

my personal Charity for the Philippines Project Bandcamp link

MSF’s Website Page for the Philippines (Doctors Without Borders / Medecins Sans Frontieres)

MSF’s official Blog for the Philippines
A Norwegian Help organisation, doing local work in Tacloban. One of the few that seem trustworthy to me. Streetlight shelters for orphans in Tacloban, and has been highly acknowledged by local population, also outside the mainstream media.

MSF (the Swedish branch, Läkare utan gränser) is the Help organisation of my choice for my personal Charity for the Philippines Project.

Read more about that and on MSF in my first blog post.

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